How good are we looking? Our halves are chirping and I highly doubt neither will go anywhere, same for Latrell who seems to of found his home and two of our most decorated youngsters locked in for the next four seasons.

The players who are coming off contract in the near future are one’s who came to the club unproven and had the chance to prove themselves - We can essentially hand pick who we want to keep and the rest will be up to the negotiations.

Out of that lot, the only player i think we may be in danger of losing is Sironen - Su’A will re-sign, Keaon will re-sign, Tatola will re-sign and Allan i’d be backing to stay also.

The only major loss when we are talking on paper i suspect us to lose in the next 12 months is Gagai but the club i believe will let him walk and sign someone cheaper to re-allocate funds.

I don’t think we’ve been in a better position ever to be honest, 2012-2014 we had a core of five or six guys locked in for long term deals at big money and some of those didn’t follow through - We’ve got some emerging players signed long term that won’t be on a bomb.

How we’ve managed the cap and how we are continuing to manage it is incredible.


Did we add Tahne Milne yet?

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Taaffe is signed for at least next year and I think that Johns is off contract.


Marsters is signed for 2021

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Mago is a club option for 2021 I’m led to believe

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HOST Jacob 2021 2022 2023
MILNE Taane 2021 2022
MITCHELL Latrell 2021
MAGO Patrick 2021
MARSTERS Steven 2021
MURRAY Cameron 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025
SIRONEN Bayley 2021

MOGA Tautau

? ILIAS Lachlan 2021 2022
? PAULO Jaxson 2021 2022

LOWE Ethan 2021
ROBERTS James 2021

? GARDNER Brock 2021
? MUNDINE CJ 2021 (Jersey Flegg)


Jaxson Paulo (2021-22)
Blake Taaffe (2021-22)
Peter Mamouzelos (2021)
Lachlan Ilias (2021-22)

Moga & Roberts …


I had as off contract this year. I could be wrong. Where’d you see 2021?

From the NRL 2020 Signings Tracker (which is not always accurate :roll_eyes:)


2021 gains

Jacob Host (Dragons), Taane Milne (Warriors)

2021 losses

Ethan Lowe (retired)

Development contracts

Player Contracted seasons
Brock Gardner 2020 2021
Jack Johns 2020
Jaxson Paulo 2020 2021 2022

Ahh. One year deal signed pre-season after a train n trial contract. Unless its been renewed then he’s off contract this year.


Hoping this means he is still a Rabbitoh.

Daily Telegraph
Thursday 20th September 2020

Rabbitohs player Blake Taaffe was 14 when he helped save a mate’s life
Asking ‘R U OK’ is simple but powerful.
For Chris Newman, his 14-year-old neighbour - now Rabbitohs player - Blake Taaffe asking that question saved his life.


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Last week on Patrick Mago’s Instagram he said “Hectic year with the brothers :100: We’ll be back bigger and better next year :rabbit:


Iffy, but yeh maybe indicates another season hey.

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Still would rather Amone

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I’d only say cos he’s unproven. I feel he’s around the Mago level. Hopefully im wrong

I rather Mago.

He has the potential to be an incredible ball runner if he can get himself fit.

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Big if Pride, he didn’t get fit this year when he should have been trying to prove his worth


Mago or Moga? :neutral_face:

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