Cash Splash for Suburban Grounds in State Budget


Cronulla would never survive playing out of kogarah, too far to travel for Shonks supporters

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Didn’t Brookvale get significant funding from Tony Abbott? That ground seems to always get a mention for funding…

Despite the hallowed ground not being involved I like the move towards smaller suburban grounds.

Hopefully not too sterile though.

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I think BankWest is perfect
I don’t want to go back to old suburban grounds
I reminisce about sitting on grass hills & eating pies as a kid etc but as I get older I unashamedly want comfort & technology & a better more modern experience

Oh & three grades would be nice too


Since we were told Homebush (ANZ) going to be fix up for a league ground than the government pulled the plug on it every another team just about are getting new grounds with money from ANZ except us. Liverpool getting a new ground. Which NRL team plays out of there ? I know they expect us to play with the Rorters sharing that ground but we miss out again being on our own. Oldest, proudest and homeless describe us good !


We. Don’t need “our own” nobody owns the grounds anyway, well I suppose we do, the taxpayers, except Shonk Park owned by the Shonks

We use it & “own it” when we play, that’s all we need, it’ll be in an absolute prime location, corporate heaven, there will be some actual life happening around on game day for a change

Suburban grounds shoukd be targeting 25k capacity

Gosford is a perfect model

Kogarah upgrade seens a waste, better to invest in a eastern stand in Wollongong

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I can’t remember how many Gold Coast stadium holds I think it’s around that 25k mark, but I believe they designed it with the ability to add a teir if/when needed increasing to 35-40k.

I love the Gold Coast stadium. People friendly, great balance and amenities. Really pleasurable experience if we’re winning.

Yea I liked it there. But I got spoilt when i lived there and knew the right people so always viewed from the boxes or lounge. But now in Melbourne I know no one that has the right connections so hardly go LOL.

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Gold Coast stadium needs a sunroof

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None of these grounds were ever close to capacity when i was there.

If anything a 10-15k ground would suffice.

Romantic thoughts lead to bigger crowds. At this point they arent there.

If thee smaller venues actually start pulling the numbers that you and I dream of then maybe this’ll weigh up close to reality.

Unfortunately it just isnt there yet.

The Rabbitohs have put on 3 grades a few times in the past, hardly anyone turned up early.
Less than a thousand for U20s.
Less than two or three thousand for our Reggies.
About $15k eventually turned up.

Unfortunately, youngsters just don’t have the time to go to 3 games.
We have to get them off their phones first.

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Our Rabbitohs will be playing at the SFS as soon as it is finished.
Contracts have been signed.
I drive past there everyday.
The work has definitely ramped up.


I hope so mate. How confident are you contracts have been signed ?

Extremely confident the info is correct.

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