Cameron Murray

This guy is my favourite player, he just does his job without fuss, at club level or State of Origin. I love his work ethic and his ability to get on with the job without any fuss.


This has probably already been said but he reminds me of a young Bradley Clyde, who was also a superb player. Cameron is a future club and Australian captain in the making too. Here’s hoping he stays a one club player and gives Sutto’s most games record a good shake.


in total agreement with @Sideline and @Singo, we have all seen the difference he makes to the team, it is seen everytime he is given a break.

As much as the team needs him and how much better the team is with him in it, I hope WB rests him at some stage, Murray has been through a long SOO series and Souths need him rested and at his best for end of season.

Same goes for Cook and Gags.


Murray also isn’t afraid to stick up for his teammates as well.

He jumped straight on Lewis on the weekend when Walker got thrown to the ground.


Deadset plays like Ray price.


Hope he doesn’t end up looking like Ray Price


SBW trying to woo a young Cam to sign over to the ‘‘dark side’’
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Interesting article from awhile back on Cam

While I think 10 year contracts are ridiculous, if there is one South’s player you would offer it too, it would be Cam.


Also Souths 2015 Moneyball signing Daryl Millard on the left


I can’t see Cameron being a NSW or Australian Captain. I think there are too many good players to pick from and he’s not assured of his spot, especially the Australian team.

Tedesco is the pick at the moment, maybe VC

Yep, Mr Perpetual Motion mark 2.
Price was phenomenal in his prime and one of my favourite non Souths players. I used to get tired just watching Ray Price going at full pace for 80 minutes.


He could’ve get vice-capt,that going to Finucane in 3rd SOO.

Seriously. For me , Murray is the best player in the NRL.
Better than Tedesco, Turbo , and Mitchell.


I vividly recall having lunch with a workmate a few years ago at the height of Easts dominance. He is a chooks fan, of course. It was soon after they snared Butcher. He was gloating. I was seriously hurting inside,but didn’t want to show it. At the time there was a school kid called Cam Murray who was okay at union. I had never seen him play, but I kept telling my work colleague that losing Butcher was ‘nothing’ as we had this kid called Murray who was better. Again, this was said more in hope…to try and save face.

Fast forward a few years…:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good on ya RR…Cam’s a Souths boy through and through

They can have Butcher and the candlestick maker too


Better than Cleary? Big call

Well mate, you must live under a rock, as there are plenty better players than Murray. I’ll pick some for you, in no particular order.

Munster, Cleary, Tedesco, Pappenhiusen, Mitchell, Taumalolo, Brandon Smith, Hughes, Manu, Turbo

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It’s funny that the only lock you mentioned in that list was Taumalolo and he hasn’t been at his best for nearly two years.