‘Call it the National Roosters League’: Fans erupt as Latrell banned, Radley free to play

‘Call it the National Roosters League’: Fans erupt as Latrell banned, Radley free to play


Mark St John

Fans and rugby league experts remain divided over the four week ban handed down to Souths’ star Latrell Mitchell for his late hit on David Nofoaluma.

The NRL judiciary system has been called out for its inconsistency after Roosters star Victor Radley was hit with just a fine for his high tackle on Storm No.6 Cameron Munster.

Meanwhile Panthers centre Paul Momirovski received a three week ban for his late hit on Broncos half Tom Dearden.

The inconsistent rulings at the judiciary has outraged some fans and pundits, while others believe Mitchell’s act copped the punishment it deserved.

There were even claims of a bias towards the Roosters over the Rabbitohs with Radley free to play this weekend, while Mitchell won’t play again until Round 11.

Social media lit up with experts and fans engaging in a spirited debate over Mitchell’s punishment.

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If Latrell Mitchell deserves 4 weeks on the sideline for that incident, I am an astronaut. This game just keeps finding ways to make a fool of itself. Really? 4 weeks? So Latrell was 4 weeks worse than Radley? I must be from another planet. Goodnight all. I’ve had enough.

— Phil Gould (@PhilGould15) April 20, 2021

It’s got me beat how Vic Radley’s tackle keeps getting mentioned in relation to Latrell Mitchell’s suspension.
Mitchell hits a man WITHOUT the ball and contacts him in the head.
There is no comparison to the Radley tackle. The best comparison is Leilua’s tackle on Edwards in 2020

— Warren Smith (@WarrenSmithFOX) April 20, 2021

Making this even better is the fact the Roosters used a Latrell Mitchell high tackle as their comparable to help get Victor Radley off his ban. #NRLhttps://twitter.com/scottbaileyaap/status/1384473660879110152

— Scott Bailey (@ScottBaileyAAP) April 20, 2021

Seriously if what Latrell Mitchell did was worth 4 weeks, then Felise Kaufusi should have got 12 for a deliberate forearm to the head of Ryan Matterson.

Kaufusi misses a fortnight while Matterson hasn’t played since.

— The Oracle (@BigOtrivia) April 20, 2021

Perhaps now Latrell Mitchell will understand he’s not above the law

— E P Conrad (@altimetr) April 20, 2021

Imagine comparing Victor Radley’s case to Latrell Mitchell’s and then calling it the “National Roosters League” :rofl:

Rabbitohs fans with tha pic.twitter.com/FyAYnVvQsh

— Will | Tigers (1-5) (@will_tosh03) April 20, 2021

NRL fans.
I’m sure we all agree.
If Latrell Mitchell gets 4 weeks.
Kafusi has to get 8 weeks.
But no, only 2
FFS Ryan Matterson has still not played a game for 4 weeks!
Either 1 or 2 things
NRL match review & judiciary panel Are corrupt or serious boofheads!!!@NRL @FOXNRLLive

— Newt (@PaulNew55072423) April 20, 2021

This morning.
NSW Media - Latrell Mitchell punishment was too harsh.
Everyone else - Got what he deserved.#NRL

— Max Blake (@maxblake44) April 20, 2021