Bungling Boards

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Yes we have a good front office which is why we are only offering Reyno 1 year at 700k. I hope the office don’t bend for the dumb ass supporters that signed the dumb ass petition to keep him. I bet half of those 5k that signed the petition are not even members


The Morris twins on $250k a year on paper how much is in the brown paper bags ?


Yes, totally agree. It is a given that nearly every member wants him to stay but as a club we must always plan for the future. How much can we afford, who do we have in the pipeline and how can we best utilise our finances. For argument sake lets use Gagai and Burns as an examples. My understanding is both are off contract. Do we let both go and free up funds for Reynolds and use Moga next season and hope that one of the juniors develops? I know there is a kid whose name escapes me, not good with Polynesian names, who we have big wraps on. My gut feeling is Gagai stays on less cash. Burns is let go. Reynolds is re-signed and we use Moga while we develop the kid. Now that is good management. Also the higher paid players have been put on notice, you want to stay you need to take a pay cut. The board is being very smart.


aren’t they on $150K?