Building a contender


1: Corey Allan — Former Broncos junior who Richardson signed before he’d played NRL
. 2: Alex Johnston — Star local junior. “You didn’t have to be a genius (to recognise his talent),” said Richo.
16: Jed Cartwright — Souths chased him hard four years ago when he was at Gold Coast but he chose Penrith.
4: Dane Gagai — The only big-money recruit on Souths’ roster when he came down from Newcastle. 5: Jaxson Paulo — Came through the Gold Coast system, Souths signed him while playing for Burleigh Bears.
6: Cody Walker — Never made it at Melbourne or Gold Coast but now up with best in the game.
7: Adam Reynolds — Another local junior who got his shot after Chris Sandow signed with the Eels.
8: Tevita Tatola — A Tigers offcut that Willie Peters recommended, came on a minimum train-and-trial contract. Now a contender for NSW.
9: Damien Cook — Arguably the game’s greatest success story given his previous struggles at the Dragons and Bulldogs.
10: Tom Burgess — The last of the Burgess brothers to arrive at Souths, has now played more Tests than any of his brothers.
11: Jaydn Su’A — Came to Souths to play under Bennett. Seen as new Sam Burgess-type enforcer. 12: Bailey Sironen — Another Tigers reject who came for minimum wage. Was on the bench for Wests in NSW Cup when Ben Rogers told Richo to sign him.
13: Cameron Murray — “You’ll remember we didn’t sign Nat Butcher,” Richo said. “He went to the Roosters because he wanted ridiculous money. But we also knew we had Cameron Murray.”
14: Mark Nicholls — Another minimum-wage cheapie. Was a backup in Melbourne system.
15: Liam Knight — Came from Canberra after previous stints at Manly and Roosters. “We got him cheap, really cheap,” Richo said.
17: Keaon Koloamatangi — Son of a Mascot junior who grew up near Blacktown. His dad drove him in for training every day so he could be a Souths junior.
19: Hame Sele — Another minimum contract signing. Joined Rabbitohs late in the pre-season after previous stints at Dragons and Panthers.


Lol…little dig at the sombreros.


Can’t wait to see Keon and our bench boys rip in and prove the media wrong today, what a good story!!!


It’s interesting how we have built such a good team from a lot of players that struggled to get game time their previous clubs.


Bayne Wennett?

Great read

It’s one of the best coaching efforts I have seen in a long time . Whoever comes into the side does their job well .

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I wish Sele didn’t play tonight. He’s he was shit.


Didn’t Butcher player for the Roosters as a 16 y/o? Wanting too much money seems a bit of a reach? Seduced by the dark side perhaps, but money I would think only would have been achievable after he had had some success at the Roosters.

Wouldn’t make our top 20

Interesting, but I wonder if other teams are all that different?

You’re always going to have a handful of players fought aggressively for in the open market and sometimes outbid from their current club (Nathan Brown).

Then, off contract (unwanted / excess) players signed from elsewhere (Cam McInnes).

Add to that genuine local juniors, and juniors brought into the system by being bought from elsewhere, plus fringe / reggie adult players brought in for depth who develop OK (Toby Rudolf).

Finally, the total dark horses who were out doing regular work and then signed on low deals (Talakai).

I’d love to see a breakdown by club.

This does it for me… he will become a favourite.
Actually I was waiting for him to come on against the panthers.


A little correction…
Keaon and his Family lived in Campsie (Bulldogs area) and the rest is true…
A great Kid…

otherwise well put together Bunnyone…

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Wish I could take the credit, it is from the Telegraph