Brett Morris

May have played his last game.

Don’t care he never played for us.

What a legend!


Sad way to go out.

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Collins do his knee as well?

Early indications that he has done his ACL.

:man_shrugging:t3: Sorry it’s a Rooster Player

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Yep both have.

Morris probably the best winger of all time. Definitely of the modern era.

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Great call @RabbitArmy

The bloke is a genuine champion and legend and should be respected despite the fact he won a competition with the Parasites.

Wish he could have suited up in red and green.


Feel sorry for both players but as for the Rorters, couldn’t happen to a more deserving club. Cheats don’t prosper.


Apparently he hates Souths, so I feel a little bit like ‘fuck him’


Mate, despise the Roosters.

But… this guy has been a legend and didn’t deserve to go out like that.

A zillion games, a zillion memories, a zillion tries.

Not to a begrudging recognition from Knights fans.

Bloke never created a negative headline.

Deserved to go out in his own two feet feet - amongst those who recognized his contribution to the game!


Brett Morris, has maybe played his last game after being injured - care factor 00000000000


Joking right?

Man tough way to go out. Regardless of what people think you gotta respect the man for a super career if this is his last season.


He was always one for the theatrics, so is it a tough way to go out? No, I call it karma.


Yep, recall the way he went on and got Sam suspended. Seriously, fuck these guys. They couldn’t give a shit about any of us and I couldn’t give a shit about him. Collins, feel bad for him, young, goes hard, plays clean. Fuck Morris


That was Josh


They really need to look at slowing down the game just a little bit. The injuries across the game are becoming a huge issue

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Some of you blokes are ordinary.

Great player. Relieved he won’t be torching us out wide next time we face the roosters, but genuinely feel for him. Maybe had this year and another left in him. Terrible way to finish up.


The best winger I’ve seen in my lifetime Manu Vautuvai a close second even though he plays for cockheads I feel for him a lot even when Luke Keary did his acl no matter what player (besides JWH and Luai) you gotta feel sorry for them when they get a season ending injury the toll on there heads would be huge

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