Best of the Best: NRL Stats Leaders for 2020 (and The Value of Damien Cook, my addition to the title)


We featured well.

How good was Latrell second behind Tedesco in LB Assists

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many have been critical of Cook this season but he topped Most Tackles, Dummy Half Runs and Dummy Half Engagements, he lead all 3 stats by significant margins.


For someone who leads the NRL in most line breaks, most runs and second in total meters. It’s crazy to me that Panthers are happy to let Josh Mansour walk. That work load in the engine room played a massive part to there success this season.


Featured in all the categories that mattered and none of the categories that didn’t

I’ll be happier when Cook no longer leads the tackle count stat. This actually blunts his attacking game and 24 rounds plus Origin is a heavy workload as it is. Jai Arrow should help Cook lessen that stat.