Bennett return to help out Walters

Bennett return to help out Walters



WAYNE Bennett is open to the prospect of a stunning return to the Broncos as a coaching director — just two years after his bitter civil war with club bosses.

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal Bennett has not closed the door on the Broncos, a club he helped build and would entertain a comeback to preside over a regeneration program after the downfall of his successor, Anthony Seibold.

The revelation comes as former Broncos skipper Justin Hodges called for Bennett to return for a third tenure at Red Hill in a ‘dream team’ reunion with Brisbane coaching aspirant Kevin Walters.

Bennett joined Souths last year after a toxic fallout with Brisbane chief executive Paul White, but the CEO’s impending departure in October will remove one obstacle in a push for the super coach to spearhead a cultural overhaul of the Broncos.

A non-negotiable of Bennett’s return is there are changes to Brisbane’s board.

Broncos chairman Karl Morris has the full support of the club’s majority owners News Corp. Whether Bennett and Morris can work together again is debatable, but Hodges urged Brisbane hierarchy to smoke the peace pipe with their foundation coach.

“I would love to see Wayne come back,” said Hodges, Bennett’s captain in Brisbane’s 2015 grand-final appearance.

“You only have to see what he has done for the Broncos, he is the only premiership coach Brisbane have had.

“To get the glory days back, I think Wayne is the perfect coaching director.

“He knows the culture of the Broncos better than anyone.” Bennett declined to comment on Saturday but the 70-year-old is not ready for retirement when his Rabbitohs contract expires at the end of next season.

Souths have already anointed Jason Demetriou as Bennett’s successor in 2022 and the Rabbitohs would be prepared to accelerate his blooding as head coach by 12 months if Bennett secured a longer-term opportunity at another club.

That stance makes Bennett a viable option for the Broncos. Given the tumult of his exit, any notion of Bennett returning would be controversial but the seven-time premiership winner believes he can make a contribution.

Under Bennett’s Broncos succession plan in 2018, he was prepared to move into an overseer role to support Demetriou and he would be ready to do the same if Brisbane bosses installed Walters as coach in 2021.

The Bennett-Walters alliance steered Brisbane to the 2015 grand final where they lost to the Cowboys. As a player-coach combination, Walters and Bennett won five Broncos premierships between 1992-2000 and understand every cultural nuance of Queensland’s flagship sporting club.

“Having Wayne back will give the Broncos that authority,’’ Hodges said. “He is the master of keeping players and making them happy. As a young kid, all I wanted to was play for the Broncos but now young kids want to play for Melbourne or the Roosters.

“The big thing with Wayne is his ability to care for the player. He just doesn’t see you as a football player, he likes to get to know you as a person and what makes you tick, what your passion is.’’

Meninga Stirs Pot Over Wild Bennett Rumours, Nominates Next Broncos Coach


It is a storyline seemingly more suited to April Fools’ Day – but Gold Coast Titans power broker Mal Meninga believes the Brisbane Broncos should absolutely bring Wayne Bennett back to Red Hill.

The Courier Mail on Saturday reported Bennett would be open to a return to the club that sacked him in 2018 as a coaching director or senior advisor.

Bennett has one season remaining on his South Sydney contract, with assistant coach Jason Demetriou to take over the top job under the Rabbitohs’ succession plan in 2022.

The Broncos are on the lookout for a new head coach following Anthony Seibold’s exit on Wednesday.

CEO Paul White, who was central to Bennett’s messy 2018 exit, is also exiting the club after a controversial decade-long tenure at the end of the current campaign.

Bennett’s estranged son-in-law, Ben Ikin, is among the leading candidates to replace White.

Kevin Walters, who has twice served as the 70-year-old’s assistant coach and cut short his most recent stint under Bennett amid reported differences of opinion, is a top contender for the head coaching role.

But Meninga, who orchestrated boom Broncos forward David Fifita’s defection to the Gold Coast Titans, insists Bennett’s unlikely return isn’t as crazy as it sounds

“I like it,” Meninga told Fox League .

“… I just feel we don’t want to lose him from the game.

“… He understands (the Broncos’) DNA but then it’s a question mark on whether, if Kevin (Walters) is the head coach and Wayne is the senior advisor or head of football at the Brisbane Broncos, whether they can work together as well.

“So there’s a whole heap of conversations that need to take place but I like the idea of Wayne going back to the Broncos and leading the charge along with the head coach and other executives at the club.”

Meanwhile, Meninga declared Walters the obvious choice to replace Seibold as the glamour club’s head coach in 2021.

“I think it’s time to be honest with you, I think it’s time for Kevin to take over the head coach of the Broncos,” Meninga said.

“He’s waited around long enough, and he’s been a part of the system as a player and an assistant coach long enough.

“He’s got one of the top jobs in the game with the Queensland Origin team as well.

“He’s worked with some fantastic mentors in his whole career, not only playing but obviously coaching as well.

“He’s has a lot of success, a lot of success, and I think the time is right for Kevin to be the head coach of the Brisbane Broncos.”

It is understood the race for the Broncos job is between Walters and ex-North Queensland Cowboys premiership-winning coach Paul Green.

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Sounds like the usual coach fantasy about Wayne. I can’t see him going there if Ikin, Lockyer or Morris are there.
Ikin is obsessed with his vendetta against him. Comes across as unhinged.
Souths were supposed to not stand in his way for Origin gig.
WB said there’d been no conversation with Souths.
He might be hurting seeing everything he built in tatters but the place has been described as a snake pit and a toxic dump.
You would think he’d be mad to go back. Leave them with the miss they created.
If he wants to go back we need him to see out his contract. We need his ability to bring through young players, coach and keep the place humming. Also we get more respect from media and NRL with him here. Otherwise they dance to Politis’s tune.


Media agenda as always with the Broncos

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Well Wayne can go anywhere he wants after his contract with us is finished or when we get that premiership.


Must be slow news day.
Any NRL team that has sacked their coach Bennett will always be linked to them.
Why wouldn’t they want the :goat:


Love Zorba this morning saying if Wayne leaves us for the Bronco’s he should take Sammy Burgess with him to stiffen up there forward pack. Fat chance of that happening !!!

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I like the idea for the Broncos sake, and am not against him moving. I think Dometrio would make a fine coach now; may as well allow it one year early.

I can definitely see it happening, especially if he is keen to settle long term in QLD, his home, he’s part of their DNA. Also, as far is I can tell, Wayne seems like he probable would have coached on here for a few more years beyond his current contract, however, we only wanted him till 2021, he’s said as much in the media, he would have been happy to coach on here but is also fine with our succession plan, so why wouldn’t he go back if the current board is gone - it’s essentially his club on his back yard.

Seriously a club where the “old boys” have too much of a say & too much perceived power

Where if you don’t fit in you’re soon on the outer

When will the Bronco’s move on from Wayne? Fair dinkum, they are like a spoilt little brat calling out for Mummy every time something doesn’t go thier way!!!


Hope he gets us to #22 before he leaves.


It’s no wonder he treats the media with such disdain


Ikin already on his high horse. WB couldn’t go back. His personality is too big. It would overshadow the coach. He wouldn’t be able to himself from coaching. He can’t come back. Draw a line. Move forward.
He could come back to celebrate his successes and legacy.
The problems at the Broncos run deep and bitter.
This guy is ridiculous and relentless. With all their issues can’t see them making progress unless they have a clean sweep of management including Ikin.

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Bennett wont go back until White is gone

White’s gone at the end of the year. Ikin has applied to replace him.
Brains trust.


Talking of coaches…If you haven’t heard but Todd Payten to coach Cowboys

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No, Wayne’s doing that too in his spare time.


What are they going to do when he is dead!
Run old videos for training sessions and pep talks.

Fucken hell, move on


The media are unbelievable. They write him into the job. Then they write him out of it. All he’s said is no comment.

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