Benji Marshall roasts Damien Cook after two rubbish passes

Benji Marshall roasts Damien Cook after two rubbish passes

He may be one of rugby league’s best hookers but no-one is safe from a Benji Marshall spray – not even Rabbitohs star Damien Cook.

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February 18, 2021 - 7:16PM

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He may be rugby league’s best hooker but no one is safe from a Benji Marshall “spray” – not even South Sydney and NSW State of Origin champion Damien Cook.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal Rabbitohs recruit Marshall verballed Cook at training after copping two “s**t” passes this week from the dummy-half. Cook claimed he was “shocked” at Marshall’s censure.

Marshall’s condemnation initially rattled Cook, who then realised he was not above criticism, particularly from a player of Benji’s stature.

It was a clear indication to Souths players that Marshall — who turns 36 next Thursday — had joined the Rabbitohs to lead and inspire.

“The other day I threw a couple of bad passes to him at training and he sprayed me for it,” Cook said.

“Benji told me straight away. As much as it shocked me, it was good to hear.”

No one is safe from a Benji Marshall spray, not even Damien Cook.

“As a hooker, you know when you’ve thrown a bad pass and you’re filthy at yourself. To have someone else tell you, shit, that when it really means something.

“It was sort refreshing because I haven’t had that. You might get some young players who don’t want to tell you if you throw a bad one. I respect Benji and everything he has done in the game.

“I loved that he sprayed me. It’s probably one thing we can definitely work on is making sure we hold each other accountable. Benji has come in and a couple of little comments like that will spread through the group in a good way.

“You’ve got to remember there is always someone out there that is better than you. You can’t think you’re doing everything right. I am one of those people that is always looking for feedback and looking to improve.

“If Benji can bring that accountability to us senior players at the club, it will then filter through the group.”

Asked to reveal exactly what Marshall said, Cook stated: “He came up to me after and said: ‘That’s two shit passes you have thrown to me’.

“If you say it the right way, it brings trust throughout the group. We are all mates and know we can say those things because we all want the best out of each other.

“Benji will do his best work making sure we senior players are held accountable and to hold them to the same high standards as the rest of the team.

“He will do a lot of good work with us players off the field, especially myself. I have really enjoyed having Benji here. I will milk him for all the experience he has.”

Marshall has only been at the club for a few weeks and has already made an impact on the players. Picture: Adam Yip.

Marshall has only been at the club for a few weeks and has already made an impact on the players. Picture: Adam Yip.

Souths have crashed out of three successive preliminary finals.

At the Fox League launch on Thursday at Bankwest Stadium, former Storm premiership-winning halfback Cooper Cronk said Souths were “cherry ripe” for the premiership.

Cook admitted his club wanted success for multiple reasons, particularly departing coach Wayne Bennett.

“He came to Souths for a reason and we don’t want to waste his time,” Cook said. “Wayne believes in us and knows we have the squad here to do it. We just need to get a couple of little things right on the way.

“Wayne puts a plan in place throughout the year. We just can’t lose certain games at the start of the year that probably cost us last year. We just have follow his guidance – he knows better than anyone how to do it.

“I have a lot of respect for Wayne. He has done everything in the game. He left Brisbane to come to Souths. He obviously chose us and could probably have put his hand up at most clubs and they would have taken him.

“We have been in three ‘prelims’ and we definitely want to go that one step further and win a grand final and, after we do that, we’d be hungry to win another one as well.”


Fair call . Cook is a top player but his service from dummy half can be below NRL standard at times .


There you go Ladies and Gents.

Benji has already paid for himself.


As long as Benji can take some heat for his mistakes.


I like the way he gave the feedback. It wasn’t a roast - he came up to him and said you’ve thrown two shit passes.

Cookie said he has never heard that before.

Wait till Benji starts mentoring the rest of the spine.

We are in for a BIG year


Seems Benji is making a lot of changes …

‘Not Going To Sit Back And Listen To Wayne’: The ‘big Reason’ Why Bennett Signed Benji To The Bunnies

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I don’t mind it .

I’m surprised Reynolds and Walker haven’t sprayed him.
He’s thrown some pretty shit passes since he has been here.


Cook is a comedian, im sure Sammy would never have sprayed him for some of the rubbish cookie served up… not


Cook said in an interview in 2019 that Cody used to make him apologise and then make him say what he was sorry for.

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Yes it really annoys me when Cookie throws those piss poor passes but thankfully they’re far and few inbetween. I guess when he’s making up to 40 tackles a game and running so many metres he can be forgiven. I hope Benji doesn’t miss a crucial tackle IF and when he plays first grade.


Good so he should have Cook’s service is utter garbage at time especially when inside the 20m attacking zone.


Staged. Next.



I’m trying to visualise Benji saying that to Piggins.


Only two rubbish passes. Great news as it means Cook has improved during the off season.


Like the one Cook missed in the last game of 2020?


Lets see if our players can catch those 10m over the sideline passes - when Benji is doing a Benji


Exactly what a veteran like Benji needs to bring

Makes me think he will be invaluable from the bench and when things are going awry he will come on and speak up about what everyone needs to do to get back in the contest


I take your point. What I’m trying to get at is every player will make a mistake, veteran or not. The last thing that player wants to hear is that he’s fucked up, I’m sure he knows that and won’t feel good about it. The last thing that player wants to hear is criticism ( constructive or not ) from his team mate. I personally feel this will only cause disharmony amongst players. Let’s leave that up to the coach aye?

The problem with Benji for most of his career he has been signed to middle of the road or rebuilding clubs. Here at The Rabbitohs he is surrounded by top tier players in a top 4 side so we are going to see a very different and more dangerous Benji Marshall this season playing for us. He has one of the best minds in the game and is a natural leader who is well respected by the players. Most of the time opposing teams are planning most there game around eliminating Benji but here they have to worry about Cody, Renno, Cook, Murray and Latrell. This will open the game up for Benji when he comes on to read the play and let loose and I for one with the new rules of the game are very excited to see it happen!