August 1 Signing Deadline

There will be a flurry of signings over the next 3 weeks with 13 teams not having full rosters, the Chooks have 6 spots to fill. We could see some very significant player movement. Clubs will be able to sign players to short term contracts that finish on the 1st of November.

As we are seeing with the Dragons and Warriors, they have signed Jamayne Taunoa-Brown for 3 weeks the he will resign with the Warriors.

Teams with full rosters:
Souths, Broncos, Titans,

1 spot available:
Raiders, Sea Eagles, Storm, Knights, Warriors, Eels, Tigers

2 spots available:
Bulldogs, Sharks, Panthers

3 spots available:
Cowboys, St George

6 spots available

So Roosters will sign 3 from Penrith & 3 from Melbourne perhaps! Just joking.

Perhaps, Israel Folau. :face_with_head_bandage:

I think he played Clive Palmer to help him get a release from Catalans so he could play in QLD and has now signed a huge contract with Japanese Rugby.

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The Roosters have used 27 players so far this season so I can’t see them bringing in any players from outside.

Didn’t know he was off to Japan.

He may start up a Help Fund Me to help pay for his airfare.


Roosters will smash it next year.

The Roosters actually do have 30 players on their roster.
They do have 34 players listed on their website.
Even the NRL Website also quotes 30 players.
29 players have taken the field for them this season.

Even though Jake Friend and also Brett Morris has retired hurt, they remain on their roster and are still being paid by the Scum!

When GI and Lowe retired hurt, they remained on our roster and was still paid under the salary cap.

So TPJ to Penrith is the first bottom player jumping ship to a top club to try and win a premiership

I expect the flood gates to open before Aug 2