ANZ Rabbit Plague

ANZ Rabbit plague


Frustrated Panthers supporters to be outnumbered at ‘home’ final

LIKE thieves in the night.

Nearly 25,000 South Sydney fans are set to steal Penrith’s treasured home preliminary final on Saturday night.

And further frustrating Panthers supporters is having to play the big match at South Sydney’s home ground, ANZ Stadium.

Despite their team being runaway minor premier and earning a second home final through a week-one finals victory, Penrith fans are expected to be outnumbered by rabid Rabbitohs supporters who are planning a thunderous red-and-green fan ambush.

Well-placed sources are tipping a 60-40 crowd split to Souths, meaning up to 25,000 Rabbitohs fans would converge on Sydney Olympic Park.

The South Sydney supporters’ bay sold out within hours of tickets going on sale.

“Penrith have had a season for the ages and they are not getting any reward for it,” Penrith legend Mark Geyer said. “It is a Panthers ‘home ground’ because they finished higher on the ladder.”

South Sydney CEO Blake Solly said: “We would love for as many of our members and supporters to get to ANZ Stadium on Saturday night to create a ‘home’ game for us.”

Under NRL rules, all preliminary finals must be shifted from suburban grounds to major sporting venues.

Which means Penrith won’t play at Panthers Stadium and instead will move 41km east to Souths’ home ground for the past 14 years.

Despite COVID seating restrictions, the NRL can allow a 50 per cent ground capacity for all finals games.

That means 40,000 fans can attend the ANZ Stadium preliminary final, while only 11,250 could have watched at Panthers Stadium.

“I know a lot of the members at my gym who are Panthers fans went online yesterday and missed out on tickets because they were snaffled up by South Sydney supporters,” Geyer said.

“But if you want to win the grand final you have to do it on ANZ Stadium. If they are good enough, they will beat the Rabbitohs.”

South Sydney was always certain to pull big numbers given its sparkling form, which has included scoring 144 points in its past three games.

“Penrith have had a great year on and off the field, and their supporters created a fantastic atmosphere at Panthers Stadium for their win against the Roosters a few weeks ago,” Solly said.

“But we know our members and supporters love watching the Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium, and the form of the team and attractive style we play has them so excited. From talking to our coaches and players, the backing of our members and supporters in the stadium means a lot to them.”

Supporters group The Burrow wants bays of ANZ Stadium full of Rabbitohs fans.

The group posted on Facebook: “We ask that those who want to attend the game with opposition fans look at sitting elsewhere. It’s not fair with these limited numbers for other ticketed members to miss out because an opposition fan has taken a spot. (There are) plenty of other places to be.”

Penrith champion Ryan Girdler said: “ANZ Stadium is where the grand final is. I don’t have an issue if you play there the week before. It gets you ready for the big one if you get through.”


Maybe because members get priority in terms of purchase timing over non-member fans?

We have around 10,000 more members at last count.


Cry me a river MG you numpty.


Well guess what Panthers. To win in this competition against The Rabbitoh’s you are not only versing the team you are versing the whole South Sydney Fan Base Army.

Our fans are just more passionate then Panther’s fans they had the opportunity to buy tickets just like our fans did.

I hope we out number then 10/1 and boo the house down on them. How good will it be seeing the boys run on the field with thousands on Red and Green flags again in the air.


Just remind them that Rabbitoh fans always outnumbered rorter fans 2 to1 at Allianz let alone ANZ.
This is who we are.


Those who live in Sydney or just 2-3 hours away saying ah I’m not going this week I’ll go if we make the GF well many aren’t gonna be able to get into the GF due to 40k capacity.

We need that support this week let’s pack ANZ out with 40k. They even have 40percent off parking we booked our P1 ticket to park for $18 instead of $30. The tickets are reasonably priced as well so no excuses!

We need to do everything we can to get the boys home, the players in their media interviews yesterday said when the crowd gets going and they him them it wills them home. Corey Allan said he gets goosebumps and it pumps him up hearing all the noise.

In week 1 of finals last year at SCG it was embarrassing the scum members and fans greatly outnumbered us, I was their and was disappointed in our turn out,


No idea what they are whining about! Just went on Ticketek and you can still buy tickets - albeit in bay 411 row 17.

What do they expect - tickets on halfway???

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What’s the deal with the members bar? Is it open? Do you just show your membership card?