All Stars NRL Fight Night - Townsville - Feb 12, 2021

:boxing_glove: All Stars NRL Fight Night - Townsville
Friday February 12, 2021
Townsville Entertainment and Convention Centre

Some of the NRL’s biggest stars could be en route for Townsville; ready to rumble in the ring in a mammoth showcase.

What enticed Slammin’ Sam to Townsville’s All Star fight night

Thaiday: “I think with the crossing cultures of rugby league players doing a bit of boxing, hopefully we can help out and push some of those young kids in the right direction.”

Not related to this event, which will be played at Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville on Saturday, February 20.

All Stars Fight Night: Rugby League Rivals
Friday 12 February, 6pm
Townsville Entertainment & Convention Centre

Tickets On Sale From Midday Friday 11 December.

Final fight card not confirmed. Stay tuned for updates closer to the event.

Subject to availability, cancellation and change.

Looks horrible

How can you not Have Huni as the main event
The kid is a potential superstar
He could end up an all time great of Aussie sport & yet we have to have a couple of mug footy players trying to swat fly’s off each other as the big show

As we all know, main events are determined by which fight is more marketable for the promotion.

Not understanding this, and calling the players ‘mugs’ makes you look petty and stupid.

I thought you were not a fan of fighting?

The promoter should be able to market it well enough with the mugs on the undercard

I’ve never said that, I think it’s a mugs game for the most part & you put have to be crazy to leave yourself open to the kind of punishment you get for little reward but having attended word title fights in Vegas & been around some pretty handy boxers over the years I recognise it as a train wreck that’s hard to look away from & it’s entertaining

lol yeah, you did. In November you were trying to give @RustysRusty and I shit for discussing martial arts where you actually said you had a general distaste for the violence and put shit on fighting.

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I said I hate MMA, that’s just draconian, horrible shit for troglodytes & should be banned
At least Boxing has a bit more class
Despite what I said about you’d have to be an idiot to addle your brain for little or no reward
I also said that amateur boxing is better & less exploitive than the lot
But I’ve probably been around it a bit more than you fellas, seen the nuts & bolts & it’s ugly

Yeah you may of been around longer but i’m no stranger to it i’ve seen what the sport can do having competed and coming from a long lineage of boxers. We had the discussion that MMA is actually safer than Boxing due to 10 counts and repetitive brain trauma and concussions but i won’t go down that road again.

Each to their own doesn’t really matter the sport will always prosper despite what anybody really thinks. Agree Huni should be the main event but if you’ve been around the sport as long as you say you have you’ll know that it’s rigged and all about promotors making money, they could give two fucks about their fighters.


No wonder big Nelson Asofa-Solomona and Josh Papalii were so keen to sign up for an exhibition fight in Townsville in February. They will be paid $35,000 each for six minutes’ work — three two-minute rounds.