A View From The Stands 2021

Girls and Boys,

the season is all but here and that means we are looking for interested posters to give us their slant on the upcoming game plus a little post match reflection on the previous match.

Maybe you hate a certain opposition. Maybe you are a regional supporter and you are off to a game played outside of, or even in, Sydney. Or maybe you are a season ticket holder and never miss a home game.

Whatever your motivation, be it analytical, sentimental, or just something else, give us your insight into a game.

Don’t be shy, it is not a contest but rather an effort to get as diverse a collection of game previews as we have in members here.

If you are interested, just reply in this thread with a preferred game - if you have one - if no preference, I’ll let you know what game is yours to do.

2021 should be a bumper season for the Mighty Rabbitohs.

Round Opposition Poster
1… Away Storm Special Guest
2… Away Sea Eagles Bunny1
3… Home Roosters George Treweek
4… Away Bulldogs 21AndCounting
5… Home Broncos SSJRabbit
6… Home Tigers Chazz_Reinhold
7… Away Titans Moon
8… Away Raiders MightandPower
9… Home Storm Rabbits21
10… Away Sharks Gazman — magic round
11… Home Panthers Saithis- home game at Dubbo
12… Home Eels GovettsLeap
13 BYE what a perfect spot for our bye
14… Home Knights Moog
15… Away Broncos who will it be?
16… Away Tigers Bunny1
17… Home Cowboys SSJRabbit
18… Home Bulldogs DangarDave
19… Home Warriors TylerBunny – home game on Sunshine Coast
20… Away Dragons GovettsLeap
21… Away Eels SecondRow
22… Home Titans MountainBunny---- home game at Gosford
23… Away Panthers HongKongRabbit
24… Away Roosters RabBart
25… Home Dragons GeorgeTreweek

Teams we play only once - Cowboys, Knights, Raiders, Sea Eagles, Sharks, Warriors


Thanks Moon.

Can I take the Roosters in Round 3? Appreciate that might be sought after, so if not that match, I’ll take the Tigers in Round 6.

I’ll take 11 or 23 vs Panthers thanks.

First in best dressed GT. The round 3 Roosters match it is.

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Round 11 Penrith match is yours Saithis.

Happy to do Rd 8 against the Raiders.

I’ll do the Rd 5 Broncos game.

I’ll do round 24 thanks

I’ll do round 6

Welcome aboard @MightandPower, @SSJRabbit, @Geoffrey_Salter & @RabBart.

Your requested games have been allocated to you.


Will happily do another late in the season if needed. Put me down as number 18-21 for rounds 18 and after. I can always drop off the bench during that week.

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I’m happy to do round 9 against the Storm at home. I’ll be out at ANZ on this Thursday Night. What an enormous occasion this will be I can’t wait.

All yours @Rabbits21

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I’ll do round 10 Sharks…Magic round.

@Gazman it’s all yours

I can do R12 v Parramatta.

The Eels game it is

I’ll do round 2

Good stuff @Bunny1, Round 2 is all yours

I’ll do round 4 if it’s available