A View From The Stands 2020

Well Boys & Girls, the season proper is fast approaching & is now inside 3 weeks away.

That means the time has come to call for all posters interested in putting together one of the weekly review/preview efforts for Souths matches this season.

If we can get 24 different posters for each match that would be fantastic.

Don’t be shy & have a go. You may discover a talent you didn’t know existed.

Remember the whole point to AVFTS is get a view as varied and diverse as the members we have here. It is meant as a galvanising topic for members to come to and discuss the upcoming match.

Round Opposition Poster
1 Sharks @SSJRabbit
2 Broncos @MightandPower
3 Roosters @Rabbitohs_Radio
4 Storm @Purple1
5 Bulldogs @Bunny1
6 Dragons @GovettsLeap
7 Raiders @Gazman
8 Knights who will it be
9 Broncos @RabBart
10 Tigers @GeorgeTreweek
11 Cowboys who will it be
12 Knights who will it be
13 Sea Eagles @Moon
14 Eels @SecondRow
15 Bulldogs who will it be
16 BYE
17 Tigers who will it be
18 Panthers @Saithis
19 Eels who will it be
20 Storm who will it be
21 Titans @Chazz_Reinhold
22 Warriors @MarkyRamone1234
23 Raiders who will it be
24 Roosters @KFC
25 Dragons who will it be

Round 4 v Storm for me @Moon - I will be flying down to see us beat them for the first time ever in Melbourne!

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I’ll take Roosters round 3 if possible. If not I’ll take the round 5 Bulldogs game.

I’ll take the Tigpies atLeichhardt in Round 10.

Happy to do R6 v St George-Illawarra

Damn…Rnd 3 is taken…I was happy to do that one.

I’ll do round 5

Put me down for round 9

Round 21

You can do round 24 if you like @RisingSun, and I’ll do another one. I’d love for you to share the write up with @KFC if that suits you RS. Colonel, you up to it?


I’ve done the Eels game for years now so pencil me in. Round 14

I was only kidding mate…it would be impossible for me to be impartial as it would for you guys. It’s a good concept though.

Raiders round 7 will be ok for me.

Warriors round 22. Hopefully by then we will be entrenched in the top 4 and looking good. As for them, who knows how they will be going. Not that great most likely.

Sure Dave. I will have a crack. Should cause plenty of discussion :joy:


You post crap anyway, now your given a licence to print your own propaganda and you decline. :wink::joy: (jokes)

Follow KFC.

Anyone else it’d tell to bugger off… but @RisingSun @KFC your like, part of the furniture that make this place a home.


I don’t want to interfere here, but I remember a previous reply from you after a similar invitation from me, and prior to Rising Sun being here.

After I thought about your response to that invitation, I think you might have been right.

Can I respectfully suggest that you and Rising Sun collaborate on another weekly preview not involving the Roosters, to, establish your ‘credentials’. Well, at least to start to start with, after which we can move on.

In saying that though, this forum is continually evolving & it you feel you are up to DD’s proposal, then go for it.

As per my previous attitude towards such a proposal KFC, I would welcome your effort.

Respectfully Moon, I 'm sure both @KFC and @RisingSun are very capable of previewing both teams without too much bias. I honestly think it would be a great view from the stand. As the Colonel says, it would provide plenty of discussion! To be honest, most of our previews are full of bias- it’s pretty rare for one of us to tip against Souths.
With the decline of the Royal Edition, dare I say the Enemy Edition (would we offend them if we called it the Scum Edition?) could be the most polarising edition ever.
I say go for it.


Moon you are right I did decline your offer for good reason.

If the majority would to prefer not to hear from me regarding the Souths V Easts game I am perfectly fine with that.

If it does go ahead I am also perfectly fine for you to call it whatever you want Dave.


If you are happy to do it KFC, I say go for it.