A highlight from 2020


Massive from Kaloa & Junior.


ICE MAN Reyno :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:


Pity we weren’t allowed those fast play the balls in the prelim.


The wrestle was allowed to creep back in as the reset rule wasn’t applied as much as it had been.

What about a maximum of 4 seconds to get off the tackled player.

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Yes, they are stuck in this thinking that the less interference from the ref the better the game. And it’s wrong. It is only valid if the teams are disciplined and don’t try to exploit the ref’s reluctance to police the game.
Our prelim and the GF were poorer spectacles because of the way they were refereed.

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It would certainly help with consistency but could be difficult to implement such as when do you start the count. Certainly worth experimenting with.

Refs get bagged when they blow the whistle too much & bagged when they don’t. Tough gig!

We seem to have a lot of tight ones vs Cows. Always seem to win them too.


When you consider the Ref for Souths against Parra & Penrith was the same Ref, and the game against Parra had about 13 or 14 ‘six agains’ called, but against Penrith there were hardly any it does make you wonder? It does me anyway.

The two games were diametrically opposite in style and MOST of the reason for that was because of how the Ref reffed the game. He allowed the offside and he allowed the slow ruck.
The two games were SO different in style, especially in the ruck, is it any wonder why some punters think that the result is manipulated by the man in the middle… sometimes.

This is an accurate statement, but one that shows the problem with the game.

If a game has 100 infringements, it should be the expectation that they call them all.

A game with a lot of infringements should be the fault of the teams trying to get the advantage. Not the referees.


There is absolutely no point of having rules for a season and then dumping them for the last few weeks. The Panthers were holding down and hands on the ball in our match. Stuff that would of seen multiple set restarts weeks before.
Consistency is what we desire and remembering that mistakes can and will be made by officials, it was clear the state of the ruck had changed.

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