2nd Semi Final: Eels vs Rabbitohs

Well Boys & Girls we are moving into our 2nd sudden death match of this finals series with the Eels our opponents this Saturday.

Gone are the Knights & Sharks. Six teams remain, with four to do battle this weekend and 2 having a rest.

Previous Game: Newcastle

We hosted the Knights at ANZ and our first game of the Finals series was a Jim dandy. After letting the Knights go bang, bang in the early minutes we suddenly awoke and kicked into gear. We finished being the highest scoring winners in a weekend full of high scoring matches

Cooky had his best game of the season IMO, and I thought it was just fantastic the way he kept getting up and ripping in when clearly an injury was bothering him.

Junior was another standout. It is apparent he is really enjoying his footy at the moment & his effort and form is reflecting that. It was great to see him rewarded with 2 meat pies.

Cody was again on song & Allan continues to find his feet in the team going forward.

The Teams For The Match Ahead:

SOUTHS - C Allan, A Johnson, C Graham, D Gagai, J Paulo, C Walker, A Reynolds, J Tatola, D Cook, T Burgess, J Su’A, B Sirronen, C Murray.

Interchange: M Nichols, L Knight, J Cartwright, D Koloamatangi

Reserves - S Marsters, H Sele, T Dargan, P Mago

PARRAMATTA - C Gutherson, G Jennings, M Jennings, W Blake, B Ferguson, D Brown, M Moses, R Campbell-Gillard, R Mahoney, J Paulo, S Lane, R Matterson, N Brown.

Interchange: W Smith, A Davey, K Evans, R Stone

Reserves - O Kaufusi, B Takairangi, H Dunster, D Alvaro.

Matches against Parramatta this season:
Bankwest - Souths 38 Vs Parramatta 0 - played on 27th August, 2020

Match Ups & Danger Men:

Clint Gutherson - IMO Gutherson is the only player in this current Eels outfit that has any sort of an X factor about him. He is well adept at slipping into a hole or breaking the line with his pace & step.

Regan Campbell-Gillard - arguably Parramatta’s best forward and capable of putting in dynamite performances when needed. The Eels will be looking to him to lead the way for them.

Nathan Brown - another of the Eels high performing forwards. He plays with passion, skill and has a great motor on him. Trouble is he is also capable of brain farts much like our own Sammy.

As for us, our forwards should be all over this mob, our halves should be all over this mob, and our backs should be through this mob.

Cooky seems to have saved his best form to bring it out in the final matches of the season. More of the same please Damian.

Reyno seems to be playing a fine hand at Captaining the ship & steering us where we need to be. Keep it going Adam.

We all know what Walker is capable of, and oh boy, hasn’t it been on show over the last few weeks. Sometimes just mesmerising to watch, Cody is weaving his way into a fine vein of form at the moment like a raindrop gathering pace zig zagging down a window.

Any team is capable of an upset on their day and we would be wise to remember that. The Bulldogs game was only 3 weeks ago and should be relatively fresh in the players minds. Carry the wrong mindset into a game and you’ll find your shorts resting on you shoes at the end of it.

That said, I just cannot see us doing that.

Geez I don’t want to be cocky, but I just don’t see anything other than a good win coming our way on Saturday evening. I have to say I am feeling pretty confident of meeting the Panthers next week.

There is nothing like momentum at the pointy end of the season to instill belief & it can even get luck running with you. We seem to be gaining in confidence and belief and that spells trouble for other sides.

I’ve said this before, but I will say it again; if Bennett has a flaw, it is sometimes he believes his players can do more than what they are actually capable of. If he has a strength, it is that he can get his his players to do more than THEY thought they were capable of

Loose and we say sayonara for 2020.

Win, and Penrith await.

Souths by 18.


Time to get the build up going, was waiting for the thread to get started, so I started it.

Winning would make it 3rd Preliminary Final in a row, to match it with the Roosters and Storm, shows the consistency of our club.


Nervously excited by the prospects.

I give us a real chance, but we MUST start strong and put the fucking foot on the throat if we are any chance.

Bankwest dew will play a part. Watch how many players slip over.

Parra always start at 100 miles an hour so we to be on from the start. :worried::worried::worried:


Concerned about the surface at Bankwest. They’re re-laying some turf there today and with the days of rain predicted out there during the week I just fear our blistering attack of late is going to suffer.

God I hate that surface!


had no impact on our attack the last time we played there.

If we win the toss I’d like to see us kick off first. Reckon it’s always good to get a defensive set out of the way to settle the nerves before getting the ball.

Definitely. It’s pretty hard to drop the ball when you don’t have it, and if we are lucky Parra could make an error and we get the ball at the right end and can mount some early pressure.
I reckon a great rule change would be to give the try scoring team the option of kicking off or receiving after scoring a try. How many times do you see a side not get to their kick after scoring a try.

Of course everyone’s nervous, but that’s partly because very few of us imagined at the start of the year that Souths could possibly get this far and we’re waiting for it to blow up in our faces. The facts are, though, Souths won last week with ZERO injuries while Eels lost, had two key injuries and have had a forward suspended. And the last time we played them just six weeks ago - at the same ground! - Souths spanked them 38-0. It would be a clusterf@#k of epic proportions to lose this. Souths by 30

From my observations we’d have to be one of the worst sides in the comp for not completing the set after points. We’re terrible!

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No two games are the same. Just because we won 38-0 six weeks ago will mean nothing on Saturday night. It’s Parra’s season. To think they will be easybeats is way off the mark.
They will be very tough and will scrap and fight for their lives to win this. They finished top 4 with huge hopes for this season. They aren’t about to throw it away.


It did, it favoured is.
One of our tries , four Para players had to change direction and all four slipped over causing a huge gap for our player ( walker I think) to score.

If that happened to us and we miss progressing because of the surface, I will be so pissed.

How the Parramatta Eels can beat the Rabbitohs

It’s been a rough finals record for Eels coach Brad Arthur, but at least one analyst believes the blame lays squarely on the shoulders of the players. Here’s the five ways they can bounce back against the Bunnies.

Fatima Kdouh , The Daily Telegraph
Subscriber only
October 6, 2020 1:00pm

Greg Alexander believes Brad Arthur’s poor finals record has less to do with his game plans and more to do with key Parramatta players not stepping up.

According to Fox Sports Lab, Arthur has the worst finals win percentage of the six coaches remaining in this year’s finals series.

In five finals matches Arthur has coached his side to just one victory – when the Eels thumped Brisbane 58-0 in week one of the 2019 finals series. It gives him a 20 per cent win rate.

Reed Mahoney of the Eels looks dejected the loss to the Storm. Picture: Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

But Fox League analyst Alexander said Arthur had his side playing a style that suits the Eels and the ability to deliver the club’s first title since 1986 was squarely on the shoulders of the players.

“Time will tell whether he is the right man,” Alexander said.

“There is no problem with the game plan. He might be intense but he gets the most out of his players. I don’t think they’re leaving much in the sheds every week in terms of how they’re playing.

“It’s the players and individuals that make the difference.

“It’s whether Reed Mahoney runs out of dummy half, it’s whether Mitchell Moses makes the right decisions and kicks well.

“How they attack and play, I like it. I like what they do with the forwards and the ball movement. I like Clint Gutherson’s involvement.”

Arthur and the Eels have the chance to bounce back from Saturday night’s defeat to Melbourne when they tackle South Sydney in a sudden death week two NRL semi-final.

Check out the five reasons why Parramatta can save their season and clinch a first preliminary final berth since 2009.


Dylan Brown will be better for the run.

Brown made a strong return from an ankle injury against Melbourne and that’s great news for Mitchell Moses and the Eels. Brown back with a game under his belt is sure to provide some extra punch against Souths and lift plenty of pressure off Moses who Alexander was impressed with against the Storm.

Who are you tipping in the Eels v Rabbitohs clash?

Eels, they finished top four because they’re a better team

Rabbitohs, forget the ladder, they have the form

Cast your vote

Moses showed glimpses of the form that helped the Eels to six wins from seven games in the opening half of the season.

“I thought Mitchell played great,” Alexander said. “He ran and threatened the line. That’s when he’s at his most dangerous. He got the ball early and he involved himself. He’s got a nice little combination with Junior Paulo, got him into space.

“Dylan Brown played well too and I think he’ll be better against South Sydney which will benefit Moses.”


It’s bad but there is a solution.

“They need to find trust, cohesion and communication,” Alexander said.

The numbers only confirm what Eels fans suffer through every week. According to Fox Sports Lab, Parramatta’s right side are letting in almost 50 per cent of all tries conceded this season — that’s 27 out of 57.

Blake Ferguson is in some doubt for the game. Picture: Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

It doesn’t get any easier on Saturday when the right edge of Blake Ferguson and Waqa Blake take on South Sydney’s Alex Johnston, who has scored seven tries in two weeks.

Ferguson remains in doubt with a knee injury and a decision is expected to be made on him after training on Wednesday night.

“It’s as bad as it is because Moses has missed a lot of tackles and Blake doesn’t read things well, but it’s not just a missed tackle problem,” Alexander said.

“That right side is not communicating, not moving with each other and so then you have one or two players trying to solve the problem themself by coming out of the line.”


It’s easy for a young hooker, who is focused on providing his dominant halves quick clean service, to unwittingly take a step back from his side’s attack.

Alexander believes Reed Mahoney must look to his opposite number this weekend in Damien Cook and run the ball more.

“Reed is a solid player but probably needs to be more of a threat a bit more often out of dummy half,” he said.

“If he sees an opportunity he’s got to take it.

“There are plenty of hookers that have dominant halves around them but they still run. “Timing is everything.”


The Eels pack must keep the ball moving to make any more noise in the competition. They went into their shells after a great start against Melbourne and it cost them dearly.

Kane Evans (two per game), Paulo (two) and Matterson (one) are all in the top-10 for most offloads per game and along with Melbourne’s Christian Welch are the only forwards on that list still in finals contention.

Kane Evans average two off-loads per game. Picture: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Reagan Campbell-Gillard averages 153 metres a game, which is fifth best for props over the entire competition. Form Penrith enforcer James Fisher-Harris betters Campbell-Gillard by just one metre per game.

“The Parramatta pack have had a huge part of their game when they were going well. It was the pack that was so dominant,” Alexander said.

“They took on and matched a great Melbourne pack, went with them for a long time in that game.

“This week they’ll need to find that intensity again and keep moving the ball.”


Stop Cody Walker and you can stop the Rabbitohs.

Parramatta’s title hopes could very well rest in the very silky hands of South Sydney five-eighth Walker.

Shutting down the in-form playmaker could be the difference between a Parramatta preliminary final or bowing out in straight sets.
“Cody’s game is all about deceiving defenders and he does that so well,” Alexander said.

“But a lot of it is set plays even though they look instinctual and unstructured.

“If Brad Arthur can break down those plays that look unstructured but aren’t and have his defenders all over that, they could hustle Cody out of the game.

“It’s a huge job defensively but shutting him down goes a long way in limiting what the Bunnies can do.”


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Im quietly confident.

Eels just dont have the attacking capability to beat us

If we show up like last time we faced them, I wouldn’t be shocked by another shut out. But we need to start much faster than last week

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Ideally, Sths need to eliminate errors in the first 10-20 minutes to prevent the opposition from being in good attacking position, and then using it to their advantage while fresh and full of energy.


We will not get away with slow starts as we are meeting stronger opposition from now on .

Beware of the wounded animal. They need to put it out of it’s misery.

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Rorters have somehow got their man Ashley Klein on board for the Raiders game. 100% guaranteed win to the Rorters. Just watch closely how this bloke manages the game. How the fuck do they do it?


Slippery surface suited us last time we played, 38-0.