2nd Semi Final: Eels vs Rabbitohs -- Pick The Score Comp

Us 40 them 28.

Souths 28
Eels 10

36-10 Souths

Eels 4
Rabbitohs 34

22 to 10 Souths

Bunnies 28
Eels 18

Bunnies 26
Eels 12

The Pride of the League for over 100 Years- 48
Rabbits Desert -22

South Sydney 29 Parramatta 16

Souths 60 Parra 2

Souths 32
Parra 18

Souths 48
Haze and the Dunsters 4 (and a try on debut)

Souths 26
Parra 18

I think you got it Tyler

Yep Tyler has it… i forgot to put which team against the score. Stupid me. I was always on bunnies win.

As you tipped the Souths score correctly the win should be yours. To me it’s obvious you meant a Souths win – in fact of the 32 entries no one tipped the Eels at all. That said, it will be up to @DangarDave to make the final adjudication.

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Yep, I agree with @Singo on this one. It was obvious who you were tipping to win.
My avatar is at your mercy…