2nd Qualifying Final: Storm vs Eels -- Live Scores & Discussion

Please use this topic to share anything related to this fixture such as team lineups or changes, pre-match thoughts/predictions, live scores updates and post-match comments.

This match is due to kick-off in 2 hours!

Parra are kidding if they think they will beat Melbourne with Klein refereeing

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Yep its apparent early klien has his coin on the filthy cheats Melbourne

Parra doing well… so far.

Typical Smith trying to tell the ref what to do as per usual.

What a try Parra

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Parra making a game of this

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Melbourne have fucked about 4 tries.

We need Parra to lose this. They will be without a few next week

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Number 17 (can’t remember his name) will get a week and Sivo is no chance

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Yes we do need Parra to lose this.

Storm finally in, sideline to sideline.

I think I’d rather play Parramatta next week in Sydney rather than Melbourne in Brisbane

Of course. Melbourne after a loss are just about certainties

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Munster made that.

No substitute for speed

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Some well timed set restarts for Melbourne. Klein doing his job.


Good quality game this.

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Melbourne playing very bad but their back three are keeping them in the game. Parra are gonna run out of steam, already down Sivo and that half was damn physical. Plus hoping we play Parra next week- Sivo and Niokore will both be out.

Want this to go to golden point and end up being the longest game in RL history with Storm winning of course.

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Good hands and fast.