2nd Preliminary Final: Storm vs Raiders -- Live Scores & Discussion

Please use this topic to share anything related to this fixture such as team lineups or changes, pre-match thoughts/predictions, live scores updates and post-match comments.

This match is due to kick-off in 4 hours!

Match Stats

  • Head to Head: Storm 32 Raiders 14
  • Head to Head (Finals): Storm 3 Raiders 1
  • Last 10: Storm 6 Raiders 4
  • Winner advances to play Panthers/Rabbitohs in the Grand Final.
  • Loser is eliminated

Who do we want to play next week ?? I’m thinking Raiders.

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You know what I think is great.After tonight only 3 teams can win the comp and we’re one of them.


Who would I prefer to play,irrelevant we are winning the comp either way!


Depends how Munster pulls up.

I fancy our chances against them without Munster.

Canberra will be hard to beat if they get through.

I just hope we get through.

Last weeks win was great but there were a few areas where we weren’t that great.
It’s a simple thing I know, but we just have to hold the ball. In defence we have to be better than last week.
It would be nice to pull out a game like we did against the Roosters.

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Go Canberra, bash the shit out of storm please

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Don’t really care who wins. Just want to see the longest game in Rugby League history. Scores still locked after 100 minutes with players dropping like flies from exhaustion.


Doesn’t matter.

The better team will win, and that’s who we’ll have to play if we get through Penrith.

Either way I hope they belt each other and are exhausted for next week, I want this side of the draw to lose.

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Storm to unfortunately beat a gallant Raiders side

Hoping Raiders but they destroy themselves in the process of defeating the storm in a nail biter game.

I hoping Raiders will win, but with smith telling the ref what they have to do… i think it is not likely.


His best mate Ashley Klein is out there so I’m sure it will he 14 vs 13. We all no Klein has favourites and Cameron is one of them.

If he is refereeing the grand final I am started a petition to change it. Most corrupt referee in the NRL. Should be sacked.

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Fark the storm and klien.
Raiders by 8


Team lists, live scores, stats etc.

It’s a smash up so far. Raiders still in the sheds

Storm shit hot early.

omg this is likely to be a walk over

JAC or Arrow. No brainer

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