2nd Preliminary Final: Roosters vs Storm -- Live Scores

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Hope the Mexican salary cap cheats end the Sombrero cap cheats season. :grinning::grinning::grinning::sunglasses:


Go the Raiders!


Which do you prefer sir
Ebola or the plague ?


That’s very good, but I’ll be rooting for the Storm…lesser of two evils!


Yes , at least we don’t have to cop the chooks gloating next year
And I hold out a forlorn hope the twin boils on the arse of the game , Smith and Bellamy may decide to retire if they win so there will be some good to come from the season
Seriously either will lap the milos next week , it will be a repeat of the AFL today
We will all be cheering for David until Goliath smashes him with a left hook

Talking of the AFL grand final, did anyone watch it and see AJ’s doppelgänger?

No, got home , flicked it on ,saw the score and thought yep same as next week in the NRL
Give us a pic

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Could be a field goal in this, it’s that tight.

I know Sticky would love a Storm victory, he did his best to avoid Easts early on.

Either will smash the Raiders or us if we made it


True. In a way it’s probably a blessing for us because I could not have handled losing a GF to either of these two cheating teams. Hopeuflly next year we will be better prepared to deal with them.

Storm losing Vunivalu tonight is a big loss for them.


I reckon Gronk has turned it a deadset mug lair Wanker, Can’t cop the dickhead


I have to ask… … who cuts Thurstons hair??

Old bee sting head seems very confident in the pre match (Ch9), but Bellyache seemed a bit nervous, which hasn’t been seen in a while.

The great thing about this game is one of them will lose. :fu::fu::fu:


Thats because he is an arrogant rorter wanker


I hope they bash seven shades of shite out of each other so the milos win next week

Bellyache always seems ready to burst to me. Was he nervous or exploding??

Didn’t seem his normal confident self.

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I think he is on something, nobody can be like that 24/7