2021 NRL All Stars: Indigenous vs Maori -- Live Scores & Discussion

Please post any team changes, live scores and comments during and after the game here.

Come on ladies and gentlemen,seeing that Rabbit on Benjis jersey looked “AWESOME”

And the Rabbits on AJ,Cody and Latrell have me fucking pumped for this year!

And I’ll be even more pumped if we get no injuries!

Thats the key mate. No injuries In these stupid fucking games!


Infact call fucking full time now!


Hope everyone has a great game.

But please god play safe! It’s raining so no injuries please.


I’m going for the Stout fellas,can’t watch!

Latrell looks great

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Interesting comment re JAC saying he looks up to Cody. We must really not have wanted him…

Cody…being Cody :grinning:

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Benji looks slick.

Latrell hasn’t had a chance to get into the game yet.

Cody being his typical angry self lol

Cody is not showing the discipline of a captain IMO.


When Cody gets a bee in his bonnet he usually plays his best footy. You he is on when he starts throwing some hand bags.

Both captain’s seem ‘up for it’

I rate that Jamal Fogarty. Surprised it took so long to see him make grade.

What a surprise

That grapple tackle by Cody could be a issue for Rnd 1

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I’ve been a bit of a fan of Kerr in recent seasons. Needs good coaching to really go to the next level,imo.

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Or the late whack by Fisher Harris on Cody that started the whole incident???