2021 Membership

Be apart of the family and register your interest to become a 2021 South Sydney Rabbitohs Member.

Memberships On-sale Wednesday October 6.

Contact out out Membership team to find out which Membership is best for you on (02) 8306 9922 or membership@rabbitohs.com.au

Rabbitohs Announce Home Ground 2021 and 2022 :rabbit2: :heart::green_heart:


Sign me up Richo.

( I mean Solly)

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Sign me up as usual but remind Souths members we are meant to be the loudest we have been far off from being that this year!

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Its important to development new membership by around age 7-11

If you all thonk back to when you all started following Souths it will trace back to events that occurred at that age

The equation is still very much the same

Young supporters and members will be the future of the club


There is a junior option within most categories


As an aside, this is why I say the Titans need at least 20 years on the GC to become properly ingrained. It’s not the 20-40 year olds they should be targeting for new fans, it’s the 5-10 year olds. They don’t spend money now but they create longevity.


Really like these coins the club is doing.

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Looks like Bad Chuck attacked GI and gave him a nice grey beard.

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Chuck is wondering if the old bastard in this photo is David Millott.
Can anyone confirm this for me as I went to school with him 40 years back.

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Well well well Rabbitohs membership is now available for 2021 and has been I think for a few weeks now.

Hopefully we crack 30,000 members for next season. If you aren’t a part of the Bunnies family yet there are plenty of packages available to suit all so why not become a part of the best family in the game The Pride Of The League and support the club in the best way possible.

We all renewed ours about a week ago.

If money is an issue as well there is the good old rolling rabbit payment plan so you can pay it off in instalments month to month for those that may not have known.

If we wanna be a powerhouse for years to come then we need to keep supporting the club in the best way possible that is membership, our members are the lifeblood of our grand old club!

2021 membership now at 19, 617

Target is 30,000


Yep 100% that is Dave

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We have 2 memberships currently which will increase to a 3rd in December. So we are doing our bit for the club and Australia :rofl:

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Thanks Tooley

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That all goes back to getting players out into the community and schools.

A bit hard with the current situation in the world, but hopefully they will be able to do it soon enough.

Nothing like meeting a bloke you see on TV to turn you into a fan / supporter / member for these young kids.

Junior packages have a lasting effect

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Renewed today I think we are at 22,087 members.


So if you membership automatically gets renewed do you still get the gift?