2021 America's Cup



It was really only interesting when the Yanks held it and none could win until the Aussies did, after it became just a bunch of uber wealthy throwing their money around.


Pretty sure it was one Aussie skipper for NZ vs another Aussie skipper on the American boat a few years ago

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Yeah, Glenn Ashby in 2017 :sailboat:

America’s Cup: New Zealand beats Team USA, as Australians taste victory and defeat
Tuesday 27 June 2017

Bendigo-born Glenn Ashby skippered Team New Zealand in Bermuda’s Great Sound to a crushing 7-1 victory over Team USA, who were guided by Sydney’s Jimmy Spithill.


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Well done to the Kiwis. If Australia can’t win something then I always hope NZ can.


Geez this has been great to watch. Loved every minute of it. (almost)

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Those AC75 boats are the best i have seen in yacht racing simply super fast and magnificent to watch.

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I like Extreme SailGP as well.

Extreme Sail Grand Prix - Sydney Harbour

The unfortunate thing about the Final series was the wind direction and courses sailed. If Course C had been used more, it would’ve been much closer, with wind shifts playing a much more important role. The Kiwis had superior boat speed so tactics were always the only way the Italians had a chance. In every race until Race 9 (held on Course C for the only time) the boat that won the start won the race, with no real chances for overtaking by picking wind shifts. Only Jimmy Spithill’s superior pre start manouevres kept the Italians in the race. Personally, I just love the AC75s and hope the design will be kept for the next Cup.

If you didn’t watch the series, I urge you to watch Race 9, held on a shifty Course C. This is what match racing is all about!!!

So as someone who knows nothing about sailing how do they determine which course to use @DangarDave?

There were 6 courses in play throughout the Regatta and the race committee ( neutrals ) decide on which one based on winds etc .

On a seperate note I have to say that Jimmy Spithill is one the toughest and most confidant sportsman that any NZ team ( in any sport ) has come up against . He is has gone from someone we love to hate to someone we absolutely admire ( so much that he could easily be a Kiwi :grinning:)

Spithall has achieved everything in the America’s Cup , it’s just a shame that it hasn’t been in Australia colours in the last 20 years .