2020 State of Origin: Game 3 -- Live Scores & Post Match Discussion

Please use this topic to share anything related to this fixture such as team lineups or changes, pre-match thoughts/predictions, live scores updates and post-match comments.

This match is due to kick-off in 2 hours!


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Corey Allan hands


Seen that a few times back end of this year

No more good old Corey Concrete Boots.

Now good old Corey Crisp Hands.

Great pass Allen


How crisp was that pass by Cozza

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Corey Allennnnnn

Who said this guy can’t play center?

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Good tactics by Clint

That try only happened because Gutho could not number up. Shit defence from him

Some very very soft penalties to Qld. Bad read by King Gutho. How good is Allan?

Fatty and Fool in the commentary box. Couldn’t get any worse dribble than these two gooses. Mute button applied and all’s good.


Ahhhhh Corey

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Which idiot posted this?

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Allan shocker and then Cherry Evans no urgency

Origin is way a waste of time and the only positive is the money it makes the game, oh and Corey that was a shocking error.

Tedesco had a shocker like that in Origin I and not much was said of it…

Capewell should have passed to Gagai on the runaround and they probably score