2020 State of Origin: Game 1 -- Live Scores & Post Match Discussion

Please post team changes, live scores and comment during and after the game here.

JAC on the right wing. Could be a sign for next year :heart_eyes: how about Gagai standing up Wighton as well.


Murray, Cook, Walker, and Addo-Carr were all lined up with each other for the pre-game song.

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Yeah i noticed that too

The Red and Green Army!

JAC is tight with allot of The Rabbitohs players so he would be comfortable at our club.

Cookie having a shocker

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Horror kick by Keary

lol then he scores a great effort try.

Typical Cookie


Not good signs for Qld. How many sets on nsw line for nothing, and then give one up as soon as nsw get up there.

Souths 4 - 0 Everyone Else


Cody coming on I wonder where they will play him if he is coming on so early.

Cody in prop forward? :joy:

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Keary was looking a bit battered a moment ago, grabbing his arm and knocking it on

Cordner with another concussion jesus.

Also JAC going well on the right wing.


He looks great on the right.

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For a sport that is all about protecting players they are not doing much for Cordner.

How many head knocks this season?

He’s close to gone!!!

JAC bring him home


Sign him up now don’t ruin your career and go to bulldogs come home with your brothers Latrell and Cody you belong here

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The Fox playing well on the right wing… might be a spot he could play for us next year eh? :wink: