1st Qualifying Final: Panthers vs Roosters -- Live Scores & Discussion

Actually, it was part of the story line in the episode of Ted Lasso I watched last night! :smile:

He is reserve grade level at the moment and has no business being in their 17.

Sore neck is a way of saying we only did this for the money and now it’s crunch time we can’t afford to carry him.


He limped off last week after Souths hammered them.

Should be a cracker of a game. Hopefully the champs bite back hard tonight. Fair suck of the sav with penalties/6 agains (unlike the norm) and we should be right. Too many 6 agains against the Panthers could spell trouble.


Hope you get your serving

They will be too young, too fit, too fast and too strong.


We will see Pabs…halfback they are definitely on top, our wingers have height ads tho.

Heard SBW is having post-trauma after having to run and get tackled by Mark Nicholls. I heard he may never be the same again.


As Fiend is absent there will not be as many six again calls.

Head Coach Trent Robinson has finalised the squad that will take to the field against the Penrith Panthers in tonight’s Qualifying Final at Panthers Stadium.

Angus Crichton is going to start in the second row, while Sitili Tupouniua shuffles to the interchange bench.

Mitchell Aubusson will take the final spot on the interchange bench, while Lachlan Lam comes out of the line-up.

  1. James Tedesco
  2. Daniel Tupou
  3. Josh Morris
  4. Joseph Manu
  5. Brett Morris
  6. Luke Keary
  7. Kyle Flanagan
  8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
  9. Freddy Lussick
  10. Siosiua Taukeiaho
  11. Boyd Cordner ©
  12. Angus Crichton
  13. Isaac Liu
  14. Sitili Tupouniua
  15. Lindsay Collins
  16. Nat Butcher
  17. Mitchell Aubusson

Panthers coach Ivan Cleary has finalised his side to face Sydney Roosters in a Qualifying Final at Panthers Stadium.

The Panthers will wear the 2020 Home Jersey.

  1. Dylan EDWARDS
  2. Josh MANSOUR
  3. Brent NADEN
  4. Stephen CRICHTON
  5. Brian TO’O
  6. Jarome LUAI
  7. Nathan CLEARY
  8. James TAMOU ©
  11. Viliame KIKAU
  12. Liam MARTIN
  13. Isaah YEO
  14. Tyrone MAY
  15. Kurt CAPEWELL
  16. Moses LEOTA
  17. Zane TETEVANO
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Panthers by 10

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Panthers by plenty. I think the Rooters’ semis campaign starts next week when Friend returns

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Two separate infringements by JWH that first defensive set and nothing

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Souths were up 40 by now

That try is so reminiscent of the first try in last week’s Rorters try. Can’t see a 60-8 score line.

Rorters 1st try.
The old fellas will tire and the Panthers will finish all over the top of them like last week.

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Keary is never, ever onside.

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Panthers wake up

Klein would give that 100%