1st Preliminary Final: Roosters Team vs Rabbitohs

  1. James Tedesco

  2. DanielTupou

  3. Mitchell Aubusson

  4. Joseph Manu

  5. BlakeFerguson

  6. Luke Keary

  7. Cooper Cronk

  8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves

  9. Jake Friend

  10. Taukeiaho

  11. Cordner

  12. Isaac Liu

  13. Victor Radley

  14. Lindsay Collins

  15. Zane Tetevano

  16. Nat Butcher

  17. Ryan Matterson

  18. Matt Ikuvalu

  19. Sean O’sullivan

  20. Paul Momirovski

  21. Sitili Tupouniua

For the second last time this year - BEATABLE!!

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The missing Mitchell and Napa brings them back to the pack a bit doesn’t it.
They have had a good rest but hey, losers can never get enough sleep

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They lose a bit on the bench with Aubusson starting

That’s an average bench

That side is well and truly beatable and we are just the mob to do it.
Can’t wait to see Fittler’s head when full time is blown and his Roosters season is OVER.
This is the win I’ve wanted all season, to be the team to end the Roosters season just like 2014 but this will be even better after they have spent millions on Tedesco and Cronk and think it is their god given right to hold up the trophy this year.


Powerful side. Lethal backline.

Lethal? I wouldn’t describe Tupou or Aubisson as lethal. Ferguson can go missing as well, but does return the ball well. Tedesco & Cronk are all class, whilst Keary is good without being lethal IMO.

Their bench is much weaker than ours, and we can get them in the middle if we control the ball.


And refs manage the ruck like they said they will. Ie no repeats of the Melb semi where we watched SOO 4.

Roosters are aiming to win this 14-12… picking Aubusson at Centre shows their hand… they want a defensive arm wrestle… will try and wrestle and slow down our ball and play off a 7 meter (10)… back their Defence and a few sneaky kicks from Cronk for Tedesco… we need to be ready for this - our handling and discipline must be exemplary. We need to do what we didn’t do last week which is apply pressure through territory and possession. And most importantly we have to take our opportunities. We will get few line breaks and when we do we need players in support to finish- looking at you AJ…

Also Aubusson may not be Latrell but he has hurt us before at Centre and his Defence is much better than Latrell’s…


Nothing wrong with Tupou and I would never underwrite the ability of Keary.

It’s a strong Easts side who tackle very well.

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From a Souths perspective I agree nothing wrong with Topou at all. My Roosters mates clasp there hands and prey every time he has the ball in his hands

The Twins are taking this very serious and have shown their hand by shaving their heads.

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I heard the same they are angry boys, Tom is on a mission.

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Tom played awesomely against Saints

They have different strengths and weaknesses.

It’ll be hard for the Roosters to apply the right pressure if it’s the wrong twin.

All we need to do is stop their back on kick returns that were they get all their meters each set of six.


I bet GB wears head gear though.
If he does, TB should as well.
Maybe a different color and they can keep swapping it whilst Reynolds is kicking for goal.


Stop Tedesco we win. He’s their danger man in my opinion. If we show tiredness around the middle like the Dragons game he can do some damage running off Cronk.

In 2014 they did not have the forward pack to beat us. Their forward pack now is arguably weaker than then. Our forward pack this year is arguably better than 2014 with Murray, Chrichton and Cook.

Aubusson is an average centre. Ferguson and Tupou have mistakes in them.

I see Easts still head the leaderboard on Errors and Ineffective tackles.

So unless we are busted or get a raw deal from the refs I see no reason why we can’t win this (by probably a small margin). Will probably come down to who has the luck on the day.