1st Preliminary Final: Rabbitohs Team vs Roosters

Same 1-21 and in same order as last week.

Team picked itself!

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Match Officials
Referees: Ashley Klein, Adam Gee
Sideline Officials: Nick Beashel, Chris Sutton
Video Referees: Steve Chiddy, Ben Galea

So we get Klein again. B Sutton must be a hater as Cecchin is not on the list at all.

Klein needs to do a better job of policing the 10 this time. Killed our attack against Melbourne.


F$&k Klein worst ever,

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Ashley Klein? You’re kidding surely? I’m feeling sick.

I suspect the GF will be Klein and G Sutton.
Now there is a doozy double!

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How the hell did these two clowns get another gig

4 best refs were there last week

But they were two of last week’s 4.

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At least Klein is not as pedantic as that other flip we had against Saints. Those 2 penalties for incorrect play the ball were tedious to say the least but when Lomax did the exact same ptb 5 mins later, he saw nothing wrong.
That really annoys me!


At least the pedants had a rough idea of what 10 metres looks like


Roosters fans talking about how much Klein hates them too.

Well at least he hates both teams… lol

Who refereed our last game against them? Was it Klein?

Maybe we should run out in broncos colours for this one

No, it was Gerard Sutton, who has the other game.

Ok, he was crap.
Klein had our QF against the Storm, yes?

I’d like to borrow sandow’s sneaky perfectly bouncing chip over the heads kicks for this game. And his goal kicking skills as reyno’s obviously had to change his style because of a chronic injury I suspect, though he’s still fairly reliable for goal kicks.

Will be interesting to see what the roosters bring to this game, and if we finally get our 9 game winning streak groove fully back.

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Clark and Tracey officially trimmed last night

Currently caught up in bed at the courtyard Marriott in Bali, me and the missus have been spewing and shitting through the eye of a needle from a chicken dish we had last night. What’s worse is that the hotels cable only shows AFL not league. I think I need to man up and walk down to one of the local bars and watch it. Lots of people wearing Souths jerseys, hats etc over here, very good to see. Go the Bunnies.