1st Preliminary Final: Panthers vs Rabbitohs -- Pre Match Discussion

Time to go one better than the last 2 years

Ooh boy this will be a good one. We need to give the boys a break to freshen up. Just one session this week, Wayne.

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The Panthers are a totally different beast and will rightfully be favourites. Shut Cleary and Luai down and we’ll go along way to beating the Panthers. Teams give Cleary way too much time and he just glides around the park orchestrating the Panthers attack

I think it is actually the 2nd Prelim Final as it is being played on the Saturday, Storm Vs Raiders on the Friday.

This is my wife’s team, and she’s convinced they’ll go 18 in a row.

Going to be a fun week at home. I cook all the dinners so guess who is getting his favourite foods this week


We wont go away.
8 weeks ago we were 20/1 and now peaking at the right time.
I still believe after watching last nights game their minds were focused on next week.
This time last year we were busted and Sam suspended for the prelim.
My mind and heart are much closer to each other this year.
Have a feeling will put a number on the Panthers next week.


Momentum is a great thing. RIFF have won 16 in a row. A week off for these young blokes mightn’t be a good thing for them. This should help us really well if we have no injuries.

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Back to underdog status and I think we will enjoy it from this position

I can see us pulling the Panthers pants down like we did to the Roosters. They havent come up against attack like ours all year


Panthers been the best team all year. This is our biggest challenge.
A few of our players are looking a little worse for wear and I think the week’s rest is a definite advantage for the Panthers, especially at this stage of the season. They will be fresher.
We can win but we will need to win the middle.


Our big advantage is playing at home.

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My Bad it is still the 1st Prelim, even though played after the Storm vs Raiders

Also Kikau is a massive out for them.

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This is the first time Penrith are sudden death ,we have 2 under our belts now.
Riff might be a bit nervous next Saturday.

You guys realise that in the last 10 weeks panthers have only played 2 top 8 sides that being sharks and parra. Panthers are good but have had a very easy draw, we will win next week


I feel the week off will be too big of a hurdle to overcome unfortunately.

Our defence and first up contact needs to lift out wide. Graham has had a few very average games over the past few weeks and particularly his defence.


I really think Graham needs a fitness test as he is a big problem IMO.

Who could he be replaced with.? Cartwright maybe allthough it is a bit late to experiment I guess.

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I’d move Murray to Centre and bring Sele in to start - It’s Sele’s old club so i think he’d be up to the challenge.

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I still think a story will break similar to Jennings about two Penrith players.


Panthers v Rabbitohs
Finals Week 3,
Sat 17 Oct 2020
ANZ Stadium
Kickoff (Local Time) – 7:50pm