110 Years of Rabbitoh Players

For those interested my gift to SSFC and all Rabbitoh fans

I have finally completed a dedicated page on all 1143 first grade premiership players

I included a little bit on each player

With all of their first grade competition matches, be it premiership, city cup, state cup, pre-season cup, midweek cup, and short form 7s, 9s and shirtened matches all the way back to 1908

I also wanted to put a face to a name - so for over 1000 players I have added a footycard style photo

I have created a full list of players by their FG official player numbers here - including other players who didnt play premiership matches.


I have it sorted alphabetically or by season as well



Nice list. Ta. Have a cousin or two in there as well as a few mates and an ex brother in law.

Siv, I am standing & applauding.

I really don’t know what to say. Outstanding & simply stunning. What an effort!

Club history is everything & only another Souths brother or sister would truly appreciate the time, effort, & sheer passion that has gone it to that.

I trust you are going to pass it on to the club & hopefully get some well deserved recognition ?


Ditto to Moon. I love this stuff. It gave me goosebumps except I had palpitations when reading some (most) of those players in 2002-2005 era.


That’s great work there Siv, I’m going to be looking though the list for hours. Thanks.

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Thanks , must have taken you a long time to do this, again tyvm

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Too many hours to kill on the train to work from the CC


Great work Siv a few guys I played with and against in the juniors in that list

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Wonderful work Sir Siv.

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Benny Wearing- what a wonderful winger


absolutely hours of fun there Siv. Bringing back memories of the early 60’s at Refern. Well done !!

If you don’t mind me asking Siv what part of the coast r you from

Great stuff Siv, thanks

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Great job Siv, but I noticed a guy I once knew Ken Drummond mainly played reserves a hooker that played 4 first grade games and debuted in 1977, but is not on the list?


I am up at Ourimbah


He is not listed as playing FG in the annual report. I will make a note of this and do some further checking

Yes it’s funny as I remember a list put out in about 99’ and it had him listed as playing 4 first grade games to which he acknowledged that that’s what he had in fact played. But when the official numbering system some years later came into place, he had disappeared off the list.

That’s interesting RR, as he’s listed as having played 7 reserve and 8 third grade games in 1977. If he stated he played 4 first grade games it needs to be looked into.

That’s what I thought as I sighted the 4 firsts games myself in a previous list before the numbering system. Human error does happen, and if the mistake was made it would be impossible to rectify as everyone’s numbering would be out.
Chris McQueen would have to have his neck tattoo changed to 1071.:joy:

Thanks Siva,a good mate of mine lives at Ourimbah he has had a fair bit to do with the Magpies and his son is now playing SG Ball for Souths

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